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Saga Precision Stepper Contour Vinyl Cutter P720I 28.3" / 24.8"

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Part Number: P720I
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Motor: Stepper
Maximum Cutting Width (mm): 630
Maximum Media Width (mm): 720
Measurements (cm): 104 x 51 x 38
Gross Weight (kg): 25
Net Weight (kg): 22.5
Feed System: Direct Pull
Construction: Aluminum Alloy, ABS End Caps
Maximum Drawing Speed (mm/s): 800
Maximum Cutting Speed (mm/s): 800
Control System: Stepper Motor
Power (w): 40
Tracking: Long Length, Micro Spike Grit Rollers
Maximum Force (g): 510
Maximum Force Increment (g/step): 2
Mechanical Resolution (mm/pulse): .0254
Connections: RS-232, USB
Power Supply: AC 110V-240V / 50-60HZ 6A
Maximum Noise (dB (A)): 65
Ambient Temperature Range C: 5 - 35
Command Language: HPGL
Media: Release liner backed materials
Pen Included: Yes
Included Blades: 30, 45, 60
Packaging: Machine in carton box, stand in carton box, two carton boxes are individual
Computer Connection: True USB, no driver needed, direct connection to USB Printer
Carriage Type: Cutting head with 4 wheels
Contour Cutting: Laser target, semi-manual
Straight Line Speed (mm/s): 12 - 800
Curve Speed (mm/s): 12 - 300
Motor Speed (RPM): 0 - 3500
0-3000 RPM Time Idle Load (miliseconds): 20
0-3000 RPM Time Working Load (miliseconds): 1200
Encoder Signal Physical (line / round): 1016
Encoder Signal Logical (line / round): 4060
Processor (bits): 16
Processor Flash (M): 0
Accuracy (mm): .01
Repeating Precision (mm): .082
Stand Availability: Upright, Desktop
Basket Availability: Yes
Perf Cut Capable: No
CE Certification: Yes
Color: Beige / Purple
Compatibility PC: XP, Vista, 7-32, 7-64, 8-32, 8-64
Compatibility MAC: Yes
Software - SignCut: PC, Mac
Software - DragonCut: PC, Mac with BootCamp
Software - Flexi: PC
Software - ArtCut: PC
Software - VinylMaster: PC, Mac with BootCamp
Software - WinPC Sign: PC
Software - Onyx: No
Software - Plug In Driver: Direct Plug In Driver, PC only
Software - Stencil Cutting: No
Flip Up Top: Yes
Enhanced Frame Rigidity: Yes
Tangential Drive Rollers: Yes
Enhanced Carriage Strength: Yes
Stand Rollers: Ball Bearing

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